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Buzzmath, the educational platform engaging students one story at a time!

Why choose Buzzmath?

Making learning math a great experience

More than 14,000 mathematical questions

For students
ages 6 to 16

Developed by educators

A learning platform adapted to your needs

A helpful tool for teachers

  • Increase the confidence, autonomy and determination of your students
  • Motivate your students with Buzzmath
  • Have full control over the progress of your students
  • Easily offer personalized learning
  • Take advantage of an educational platform aligned with your academic program

If you're considering purchasing Buzzmath, I'd say jump on it. My whole team of math teachers, we have loved using it to really engage with our students. So I hope you try out Buzzmath, it's a great product. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Tapee, Math teacher

Buzzmath has allowed my students to see our content in different ways, and requires them to think differently. It's also a great chance for kids to collaborate and help each other!

Amanda Baum, teacher of children aged 12

An essential help for parents

  • Make math enjoyable and interesting
  • Nurture your children’s confidence in math
  • Follow their progress in real time
  • Take advantage of educational games aligned with math curriculums
  • Help your children reach their full potential autonomously

I’d say to parents who’d like to purchase or obtain a Buzzmath licence that it’ll be your best ally in your child’s math success.

Oussama Brik, Father of 2 children aged 7 and 9

My daughter’s also motivated to do the math exercises because the platform provides motivating elements, like the stars when she finishes a series of problems.

Véronique Lamarre, Mother of Ophélie, 10 years old

What I also like about Buzzmath is that, before, I was good at math but when I discovered Buzzmath, my grades went up.

Ophélie Dallaire, 10 years old

Since he started Buzzmath, his grades have improved. He’s more confident in his abilities.

Chantal Lussier, Mother of a child aged 13

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Motivate children with immediate feedback

Buzzmath increases the confidence, autonomy and persistence of students

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700,000 students

34,000 teachers

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