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7 reasons for choosing Buzzmath


Motivate your students
  • More than 14,000 math questions
  • Engaging and motivating activities
  • Manipulable objects, stars, missions, badges, brain teasers and avatars


Easily offer personalized learning
  • Access to any level
  • Send exercises to consolidate or enrich your students' learning
  • Send to a class, a group or a student
  • Students progress at their own pace


Increase the confidence, autonomy and determination of your students
  • Automated and detailed correction
  • In the case of a wrong answer, a hint is given
  • Students can start over with different values


Take advantage of an educational platform that is aligned with your curriculum
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills


Have full control over the progress of your students
  • Follow-up on activities and usage
  • Many types of reports
  • Tools for class administration


Interoperability and computability

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High quality service
  • Support by messaging, email or phone
  • Online training available


  • Who can benefit from Buzzmath?

    Buzzmath is an educational math platform for any group of 30 students or more, whose age can range from 6 to 16.

  • How does the Buzzmath subscription work?

    A class or school subscription gives you access to the platform continuously until July 31st of each year.

  • How does billing work?

    For class or school accounts, you must ask for a quote. As soon as the quote form is completed, you will receive your quote by email. To move forward with the quote, contact us at with a PO number. It will then be validated by a member of the Buzzmath team.

    You only pay once every school year. If you use more licenses that what you were initially billed for, you’ll receive another bill over the course of the year.

    For school board accounts, you need to ask for a quote.

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